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About Gerry

Gerry is a delightful imposter. Known commonly as a Geranium, but actually a Pelargonium, he doesn't trick anyone in to loving him thanks to his easy-to-grow habit and long flowering period.


Gerry comes in a 10cm pot and is between 10-15cm tall. He flowers from April throughout Spring and well into Summer and even Autumn, if you're lucky. He comes in red, pink and white.


Gerry has succulent leaves which enable him to store more water than most plants. This means that he's happy to be neglected occasionally (read: for a week or so). He's also happy on a windy spot – just try to give him as much light as you can, to benefit from a great show of flowers throughout the summer months


Be sure not to overwater him, especially during Winter. He's much better off underwatered than overwatered.

Looking after this plant

Pot Gerry up with multipurpose compost or line your plant beds with him, in his many colours. Over Winter, he'll continue to bloom sporadically. At the turn of the year, cut him right back to encourage good growth for the upcoming season.

Living with pets and children

Gerry is toxic to pets.

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