Euonymus Japonicus

{ Japanese spindle; Green spider }

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About Jasper

Jasper is a firm favourite here at Patch, thanks to his attractive form and low-maintenance habit. Effective both on his own and planted together as a wind-proof hedge or smaller contemporary windowbox, he's an underrated and underused gem for an urban garden.


Native to the Far East, Jasper can grow up to 40cm per year but is receptive to pruning if you want to keep him in shape. Very unfussy plant, happy in most sites and soils. Beautiful shape that waves in the wind.

Plant heights:

Big Jasper: 70-90cm. Pot size: 10L
Little Jasper: 25-30cm. Pot size: 1L


Enjoys some sun over the course of a day but is just as happy to recline in the shade.


Not a lot – Jasper's a champion.

Looking after this plant

Can attract insects, such as Euonymus Scale. In most cases, a generalist pesticide will solve the issue if identified early. If you plan to plant Big Jasper on his own in a 40cm pot, half a bag of this 50L multipurpose compost will suffice, whilst if you're planting little Jasper in a 45cm long container, 3 little Jaspers in a row make a great contemporary window box. 

Living with pets and children

Toxic if consumed.


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