Euonymus Fortunei Emerald Gayiety

{ Euonymus gayiety; spindle Emerald gayiety }


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About Emerald

Emerald is a star - her white and green marbled leaves are as tough as old boots and trail so gracefully. Her nimble nature means that she will hang down or climb up depending where you choose to plant her but what won't change is her easy going attitude to maintenance and her colour which retains its green and white habit throughout the year.


Current height including plastic pot: 40-50cm
Maximum height: 70-80cm


Emerald will thrive in almost any sunny or shady position although her colouring is rumoured to be better when receiving some shade throughout the day too.


A boggy existence so make sure she is planted out with some drainage material at the bottom. Here's our step by step guide of how to best plant up your outdoor plants.

Looking after this plant

Emerald is a great all round low-maintenace plant who won't demand much of your time - make sure you water her on a regular basis in the warmer months if planted in a container - otherwise she will take care of herself!

Living with pets and children

Toxic if consumed.

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