Eriostemon Myoporoides

{ Philotheca myoporoides; Long-leaf wax flower }

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About Rio

Australian in origin, Rio is a lovely little thing who produces masses of delicate white flowers during Spring and Summer. Thanks, Australia, we'll gladly keep her.


Rio is a hardy evergreen shrub who can grow by up to 20cm per year and blooms small, fragrant flowers between March and June.

Plant height: 30-40cm. Pot size: 5L


As happy in full sun as it is in a little shade. Ensure her soil drains well by mixing in a little sand or gravel.


Rio's pretty unfussy. Just make sure she's not exposed to too much shade or damp.

Looking after this plant

While not necessary, you can fertilise her once a month during Spring and Summer to get the most out of her flowering period. If she's to be planted in one of our 30cm pots, she'll need one of these 40L bags of multi-purpose compost

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