English Lavender

{ Lavandula angustifolia }

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About Vanda

Vanda the Lavender is the iconic Mediterranean plant. In Spring, at Patch, she is the French variety, with tufted flowers that flounce in the wind. In Summer, she is the English variety, with that famous perfumed fragrance.


Big Vanda's current height - 20-25cm in a 5 litre pot (pictured in the photos)
Little Vanda's current height - 15-20cm in a 1 litre pot

Vanda will arrive full of flowered and budding stems. She'll grow by about 20cm over the course of the growing season but you're best off cutting her back at the end of Autumn (more in 'Looking after this plant').


Vanda worships the sun. Make sure you give her as much as possible, even if it means on the windowsill – she'll be fine if hit by a bit of wind.


Soggy bottoms – so make sure that the soil she's planted in drains well.

Looking after this plant

Once her flowers begin to fade, cut her back to about 10-20cm above the soil. Don't throw away her cuttings – pop them in a little bag and keep them in the bedroom. Lavender's an excellent sleeping aid.

Living with pets and children

Cats hate the smell of Vanda but, don't worry, she won't cause any harm.

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