Dryopteris Austriaca

{ Crispa Whiteside }

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About Francis

Like her little sister Beryl, Francis is the perfect plant for those often hard to fill, shady spots. His long, waving fronds that dance and sway so elegantly will bring you year round greenery.


Current height including plastic pot: 50-60cm
Maxiumum height: 100cm

Dyopteris austriaca are an evergreen fern that retains its vivid green throughout the seasons. Their fronds of different shapes and sizes unfurl beautifully in the spring and summer.


Happiest in cool, shady spots but will also grow in full sun but will require more watering if so. 


Strong winds as it gets his leaves in a right mess! 

Looking after this plant 

Francis likes a damp existence so make sure you water him regularly enough to keep his soil moist. Don't be afraid to trim back any browning fronds at the base of the stem in the spring to make room for new growth.

Living with pets and children

Francis is non-toxic.

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