Drymis Aromatica

{ Mountain pepper; Australian pepper; Tasmanian pepper }

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About Matt

Matt is a real charmer, with at least three strings to his bow: a beautiful red stem whose colour stays true throughout the year, a deliciously fragrant flower in Spring and a dark red berry in summer. A perfect pot plant.


Also known as Mountain Pepper, the evergreen 'Matt' will grow by between 8 and 10 centimetres a year. His maximum eventual height is 2.5m-4m but only after 20-50 years. He will flower during the Spring and grow a black berry during summer. His red stems will glow throughout the year.

Plant height: 50-70cm. Pot size: 7.5L


Enjoys reclining in the sun or resting in the shade but his preference is for a spot that's between the two. Prefers an acid soil, so plant him up with some ericaceous soil.


Not the biggest fan of wind so avoid if you're on an exposed balcony or terrace, or make sure that he's protected by a larger windbreak plant

Looking after this plant

Enjoys moist but well-draining soil (some gravel or a sand-based compost will help with this). Responds well to pruning, which is best done in Spring. Very happy to be left outside over Winter. If he's to be planted in one of our 30cm pots, he'll need one of these 40L bags of ericaceous compost.

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