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About Cory

Hailing from southern Europe and south-east Asia, Cory is an easy-to-please plant with a lovely tropical look. This palm-like plant has long been used as food and medicine by native tribes in Asia - the Maoris, for instance, roasted his rhizomes in an earth oven to extract their sugar. In Papua New Guinea, indigenous tribes would tie his long, thin leaves to sticks in order to mark areas where a specific avoidance language had to be used during the karuka nut harvest.

He comes in an eye-catching red or green, and he looks good when put side-by-side with pretty much any other plant. Low maintenance and versatile - that's why we love him.

Quick facts

Botanical name: Cordyline

Nicknames: Cabbage Palm

Plant type: Woody perennial/outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Current height: 70-80cm

Nursery pot size: 17cm

Pro level: Easy

How to Care for Cory (Cordyline)

The basics:

Cory tolerates partial shade to full sun, he doesn't mind.

Don't let Cory dry out - make sure his soil stays slightly moist, and give him a little bit to drink if it hasn't rained in a while.

He prefers a well-drained soil to thrive.

Going the extra mile:

Give him a bit of well-balanced, slow-release fertiliser to promote growth in spring.