Common box

{ Buxus Sempervirens; European box; Abassian boxwood }

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About Peter

Peter is a favourite in gardens all over the country but is particularly popular in contemporary gardens that look to adopt a geometric theme.


Peter is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 8 metres tall. Fear not, it'll take 50 years to reach such heights and you'll want to give him the occasional trim in between to keep him in shape. Produces small yellow flowers in Summer and dark inedible fruit in Autumn.

Current plant heights including plastic pot:

Box Pyramid: 70-85cm. Pot size: 7.5L
Big Box Ball: 50-55cm. Pot size: 7.5L
Little Box Ball: 40-45cm. Pot size: 3L


Happy in most soils and sites, although best if given a bit of respite from direct afternoon sunlight.


Damp sites can be lethal for Box as it can promote a fungus called Blight. Although this is less common in urban areas, be sure to plant your box in well-draining soil. To achieve this, simply use a good drainage material at the bottom of your pot such as pebbles - here's our blog post on how to best plant out your outdoor plants.

Looking after this plant

Requires a trim just once a year. His foliage can get in the way of rainwater reaching the soil so, if he's looking a little worse for wear, check his soil is moist as a first measure.

Living with pets and children

Toxic if consumed.

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