Climbing Jasmine

{ Trachelosporum Jasminoides }

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About Jazz

Hailing from the Far East, Jasmine is an absolute star. Almost literally – she's known as Star Jasmine. She's a great entry-level climbing plant as she's evergreen, self-twines and produces irresistible, sweet-smelling flowers.


Big Jazz with a frame is about 150cm tall when she arrives, in a 20 litre pot while Big Jazz without a frame is 175- 200cm when she arrives, in a 10 litre pot. On a frame she has been trained against a wooden trellis which will get her going against your wall. Little Jazz without a frame is about 100cm tall when she arrive, in a 3 litre pot. Although Big and Little Jazz come without a frame, they both come with a bamboo cane to support them but they will also need a helping hand to be trained by simply attaching or wrapping them in the direction you would like them to grow - perfect for a balcony or basement flat railings that need some livening up! 

She'll flower from late Spring throughout the summer and can grow up to 50cm per year unless pruned (see 'Looking after this plant')


Jazz likes to bathe in warm sunshine so she's great for west- or south-facing walls but can also thrive on an east-facing wall. Likes an annual haircut.


Cold winds so keep her away from exposed balconies and north-facing walls.

Looking after this plant

Cut back her longer shoots after the flowering period (end of summer). This will encourage even better growth the following year.

Living with pets and children

Jazz is non-toxic.

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