Clematis Avalanche

{ Clematis Cartmanii }

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About Samantha

Hailing from China, this snow-white beauty made it to the gardens of Japan in the 1600s before being introduced to Europeans a century later. Those tasteful Victorians took to Samantha in a big way, and she soon came to symbolise a long list of things, including ambition, art, and poverty. Nicknamed Clematis 'Avalanche', this pretty shrub's cascading white blooms really do look like an avalanche of flowers. She may lose those blossoms in the winter, but her glossy green foliage still looks amazing.

Quick facts

Botanical name: Clematis cartmanii

Nicknames: Clematis Avalanche

Plant type: Evergreen shrub / outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Current height: 60- 70cm

Nursery pot size: 19cm

Pro level: Easy

How to Care for Samantha (Clematis)

The basics:

Samantha prefers full sun, so make sure you plant her in a spot that gets plenty of light.

She likes to live in well-drained, 'gritty' soil.

Samantha likes her soil to stay moist, so give her a little drink if it hasn't rained in a while - just make sure her soil is dry first.

Going the extra mile:

Give her a trim in spring (when she's dormant) to remove any dead branches or flowers, ensuring you use a pair of sanitised secateurs or scissors. You can also give her another snip right after she's flowered, cutting away less-pretty blooms to encourage new growth.