Cereus Validus 'Spiralis'

{ Spiraled Cereus, Twisted Cereus, Contorted Cereus }

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About Clive

Well, just look at him. What a magnificent show off. Clive the spiralled cereus cactus is a guy with a lot of personality. His twisted stem makes him look like something out of a sci-fi movie, though he's more commonly found in California desert than alien planets (that we know of).

He's a really easy going guy, other than a little water, you can just sit him in a nice well-lit spot and let him get twisted.

Quick Facts

Botanical name: Cereus validus 'Spiralis'

Nickname: Spiraled Cactus, Twisted Cactus,

Plant type: Cactus

Plant height (including pot): 40-60cm

Pet/baby safe: No, due to spikes.

Nursery pot size: 17cm

Clive the Spiraled Cactus likes...

Dry soil
Clive doesn't drink much. Just water him when the top 2 inches of his soil is dry. In winter, every few months will do.

Lots of sun
He'll cheerfully live in a spot that gets lots of natural light and is happy with some direct sun during the day.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Cereus validus 'Spiralis'

Spiraled Cereus, Twisted Cereus, Contorted Cereus

Plant type

Air purifying

Plant height

Pet/baby safe
No, due to spikes

Nursery pot size