Camellia Japonica

{ Common Camellia; Japanese Camellia }


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About Clement

Clement has been a true friend to the British garden since he arrived from Asia in the 1730s and it's no surprise why - in the midst of winter when little else is in bloom, Clement's delicate white flowers come to life and will continue to be in bloom right through the spring after which, his glossy foliage will help keep your space looking green as the seasons change around him.


Clement's leathery leaves will keep their verdant green throughout the year and his flowers will be in bloom between February and May. Clement's estimated height in two years is 80-90cm. His typical lifespan when grown in a container is 10-15 years.

Plant height: 100-120cm. Pot size: 7.5L


Clement is happiest in a mixture of sun and shade, although with enough watering, he will be happy in a sunny spot too. He loves acidic soil so make sure he is planted with ericaceous compost.


Clement prefers a sheltered spot if there's one going.

Looking after this plant

Add a liquid fertiliser to his compost in late spring to help promote growth. This is also the best time to give him a good trim - camellias form their new flower buds in late summer and autumn so make sure it is before then. If he's to be planted in one of our 40cm pots, he'll need one of these 50L bags of ericaceous compost.

Go the extra mile

If you have access to filtered water then Clement will be eternally grateful if you water him with this as he's not a big fan of London's hard water.

Living with pets and children

Toxic if consumed.

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