Calathea Sanderiana

{ Pin Stripe Calathea }


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About Julia

Introducing Julia, Juliette's beautiful sister! We love her amazing dark leaves covered in what could be hand painted pink markings. Just like her sister Julia unfurls her leaves in the morning to catch the daylight before curling up once more to go to sleep at night.


Our Julias come in two sizes:
Estimated height (including pot): 30-40cm; Nursery pot width: 14cm
Estimated height (including pot): 60-80cm; Nursery pot width: 19cm


Julia prefers bright indirect sunlight so a shady spot of a brightly lit room is perfect. She likes a warm and humid environment so keep her happy with a regular spritz using our mister. Julia also likes it when you clean her leaves when they get a little dusty, which is best done with a damp cloth.


Julia doesn't like direct sunlight on her leaves, as it will fade her beautiful pattern.

Looking after this plant

Julia will thank you for keeping her soil moist between March-October by giving her a good soak approximately once per week. Check the soil before watering, making sure that the first inch or so is dry. Between November-February reduce watering to once every 10-15 days, allowing her soil to dry out between waterings. To avoid browning on the outside of the leaves, do remember to mist the plant often.

To help promote healthy new growth in the growing season between April-October, we recommend applying this liquid fertilizer monthly.

Living with pets and children

Julia will not cause any harm to your animals or children.