Bonsai Tree

{ Ficus Bonsai }


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About Bono

The growing of Bonsai trees is an ancient art form that originated in China as long ago as 700 AD before being adopted by the Japanese. Literally translated from Japanese as 'grown in a container', Bono has come to symbolise a miniaturised representation of nature and if you're after a bit of a challenge, then he's the perfect plant for you!


Bono comes pre-potted in a ceramic container with a tray for drainage (colours may vary). He is currently 25-30cm tall (including pot) and 15-20cm wide. He's a very slower grower - a few centimetres a year. Like trees in a forest, Bono comes in a few varieties and yours will be unique to you.


Bono thrives in a brightly lit spot so is particularly well suited to windowsills.


His roots completely drying out so make sure you don't allow this to happen.

Looking after this plant

Bonsais get their high-maintenance reputation thanks to their watering requirements. Aim to water Bono every 1-2 days in the drier, summer months and once every 3-4 days in the autumn and winter. If you're forgotten to water him for a few days then the dunking method works a treat - simply fill a sink with water and dunk him under for 10 mins before removing him.

In the spring and summer feel free to give his leaves a trim to help shape them.

Living with pets and children

Bono is toxic if consumed.