Black Zebra plant

Aphelandra squarrosa

Why we love Casper

Beautiful all year round, he becomes even more stunning in summer when he blooms with exquisite yellow bracts (flowery things).

Bright light
Drama queen
The patch promise

Hard tap water can leave marks on his leaves. He prefers filtered water (or you can use water that’s been boiled and left to cool).

Quick facts

Botanical name

Aphelandra squarrosa


Zebra plant; White wash



Plant height (including pot)


Pet/Baby safe

Toxic if ingested

Nursery pot size


About Aphelandra squarrosa

Aphelandra squarrosa is one of several plants known as Zebra plant. The thing they all have in common is - you guessed it - stripes. On this plant, they’re all over those gorgeous leaves.

You’d typically find it in Brazilian rainforests, growing huge and proud in the light shade of larger trees. With the right conditions - lots of light and the preferred level of moisture - it explodes with bright yellow bracts. They may look like flowers, but the bracts are actually modified leaves that surround the flowers. The flowers themselves are tiny little things. The zingy bracts act like a massive welcome sign for pollinators.

To look after one at home, the most important thing to consider is moisture. Used to the steamy conditions of a rainforest, it likes a humid atmosphere.

Did you know?

There are over 170 different species of Aphelandra.