Australian ivy

{ Muehlenbeckia Complexa; Australian maidenhair vine; Mattress vine; Necklace vine }


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About Rebecca

Try Rebecca as an attractive alternative to ivy as a trailer for troughs and pots. Not only will she love lounging outside, she's also more than happy to come inside - great on shelves and worktops.


Current height including plastic pot: 15cm

Also known as Australian ivy, Rebecca will climb (if provided with support), creep or trail and produce delicate white flowers in Summer and fruit in Autumn. Can grow up to 40cm per year. Great for providing a pretty ground cover.


To grow in brightly lit spots - either in full sun or in bright shade (so, slightly away from a site that receives direct sunlight).


Not the biggest fan of cold winds so avoid if you're on an exposed balcony or terrace, or make sure that she's protected by a larger windbreak plant

Looking after this plant

Will require tying to a support if you want it to climb. Feel free to cut back old or overlong shoots - no harm will be caused by clean, sharp pruning.

We recommend planting one Rebecca every 15cm (i.e. four would fit neatly in a 60cm long trough). If she's to be planted in one of our troughs, she'll need one of these 20L bags of multi-purpose compost.

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