{ Cast iron plant; Bar room plant; Aspidistra elatior }


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About Howard

Howard is the Tony Stark of plants: this cast-iron superplant is nearly indestructible and can handle reasonable neglect, but what a shame it would be to leave him to gather dust in a dark corner when you could make the most of his impressive form.


Our Howards come in two sizes:
Plant height (including pot): 50-60cm
Plant height (including pot): 70-80cm

Howard can usually grow up to 1m.


Even though Howard can cope with just above freezing, he's happiest at room temperatures. Howard can tolerate shade, but will thrive in well-filtered, but not direct, light.


While Howard is a tough one to kill, he won't survive direct sunshine. He is better off placed by a North-facing window or in a bright position deeper into a room.

Watering and feeding

Howard's cast-iron consitution means that an occasional watering will be enough: just make sure to keep the compost moist. Over-watering will show with brown spots on his leaves. Use a liquid plantfeed every two or three months during warmer months. Howard's foliage is also a dust magnet: keep him clean by wiping him down a damp cloth.

Living with pets and children

Your pets and children will be safe and sound playing around Howard.