Asparagus Falcatus

{ Asparagus Falcatus }


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About Amelia

Amelia, our sickle thorn, is an asparagus fern, most commonly found in the wild in tropical parts of Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

She's not hard to care for and will grow happily as long as she's regularly watered and kept in a bright spot. As a bonus, she's a great air purifier. She is a little thorny, hence the name, so isn't suited to areas in reach of small children.

Amelia the Sickle thorn likes...

Lots of light
As a tropical plant, Amelia the sickle thorn likes sunshine. Avoid direct sun but give her a really bright place to live.

Regular pruning
Sickle thorns grow quickly and so Amelia will benefit from pruning to keep her in check. Remove any unhealthy looking fronds.

Regular watering
In the warmer months she likes a regular drink whenever her soil feels dry. You can cut back in winter.

Top tip
Sickle thorns have Hulk-strength roots that can escape from the bottom holes of the pot if not repotted into something slightly bigger every other year or so.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Asparagus Falcatus

Sickle thorn, Forest Asparagus

Plant type
Asparagus fern

Air purifying

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/baby safe
Toxic if consumed

Nursery pot size