Armeria Maritima

{ Thrift; Sea thrift; Sea pink }


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About Tim

Nicknamed 'Thrift', Tim is the superhero of flowering plants. Don't be fooled by his delicate appearance – his natural habitats are mountains and cliff edges, making him perfect for an 11th floor balcony in London!


Thoughout Spring and Summer, Tim blooms pink cup-shaped flowers on top of evergreen tufts of grass. As a perennial, he'll come back for more every year, making him an excellent addition to a low-maintenance urban garden.

Plant height: 10-15cm. Pot size: 9cm.


The more sun he's exposed to, the better his showing of flowers. To this aim, don't worry about shielding him with taller plants as he's very happy taking a battering from the wind. Happy in any type of soil.


Shade. This boy's a sun worshipper.

Looking after this plant

Generally pest and disease free, the Armeria Maritima is very easy to care for. Just remember to pinch off old flowers to keep him looking tidy and to promote new growth. 

We recommend planting one Tim every 15cm (i.e. three would fit neatly in a 60cm long trough). If he's to be planted in one of our troughs, he'll need one of these 20L bags of multi-purpose compost.

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