Acer Palmatum

{ Japanese maple }

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About Ace

Ace is a classic Japanese tree that has become a firm favourite in British gardens. His leaves, shaped like open hands, are iconic and become deep red in Autumn.


Estimated height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant: 85-95cm

Ace will stand just under 100cm when he arrives, in a 15-litre pot. He's a little fussy about where he's placed - preferably a partially shady, sheltered spot - and the soil in which he's planted (Ericaceous) - but once he's been rehomed he's relatively low maintenance. He'll grow by about 15-20cm per year.


Ace prefers acidic soil so a bag of Ericaceous compost is your best bet if you're planting him up in a container. He's best placed in a spot that will benefit from partial shade. I.e. try to protect him from midday sun but ensure that he gets some direct sunlight either side of that.


Cold wind - keep him sheltered if high up and away from exposed north- and east-facing sites

Looking after this plant

He can suffer from leaf scorch, which occurs when he's exposed either to too much light or wind. Don't be alarmed in the late autumn when Ace starts to lose his leaves as he is what's known as 'deciduous', meaning he sheds his leaves in winter and regrows them again the following spring.

Living with pets and children

Ace is non-toxic.

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