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No shade to the others, but these are the best outdoor plants for spaces that are low on light. These guys won’t miss the rays — pop them in a shady spot and they’ll happily thrive. Easy to care for and delivered for free, these are the ultimate plants for greening up a sun-less garden.

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Cubby the Japanese laurel is a popular choice for urban gardeners, thanks to his beautiful marbled leaves and easy-to-maintain personality. He's a good all-rounder who can tolerate full shade, but is happiest in part sun, part shade.

Tia the Tiarella (a.k.a. ‘pink skyrocket’) is a true gem — her star-shaped, white-pink flowers and speckled foliage make our hearts swell. She’s a great choice if you want to add a little bit of colour to your garden.

Beryl the golden shield fern is a real looker, with irresistible leafy fronds you’ll definitely want to touch. She’s also got a high tolerance for shade, making her perfect for those hard-to-plant spots.

Mae the Chamaerops humilis (or ‘European fan palm’) is a popular gal - she’s been our most-adopted plant since we launched in 2016. It’s no secret why: her statuesque fronds and chilled-out approach to maintenance make her a winner.

Our Asplenium, who we like to call Astrid, is a seriously tough cookie. Nothing will phase her: sun, wind, or shade, she’ll happily do her thing. Astrid is also an evergreen plant, meaning she’ll look good year-round.

Kiri our turf lily will brighten up any shady spot with her gorgeous purple flowers, which come out at the end of summer and continue to bloom right into November. A much-needed burst of colour in those dark months.

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Contains one Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia, one Tiarella Pink Sky Rocket, three Dryopteris Affinis, one Chamaerops Humilis, three Asplenium Scolopendrium and one Liriope Muscari. Pots, compost and drainage material are also included. 


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