Exotic plants for a shadier spot

Designed by
Freddie, Founder of Patch

Even on a shadier balcony, you can add exotic shapes and vibrant greens and colours with this collection of beautiful plants.

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Featured plants

Fats the Fatsia Japonica is what gardeners call 'a real doer'. Practically bombproof, happy in most locations and with a beautiful habit, he's a great plant for urban or novice gardeners.

Mae the Chamaerops Humilis is an all round people-pleaser, indeed she's been our most popular plant at Patch since we launched in 2016. Statuesque and easy-to-maintain, Mae is a superb plant for beginners and experts alike.

Heucherella 'Sweet Tea', nicknamed Ella for short, is a mainstay of the Patch family. She rarely makes a fuss and can take care of herself, making her a very welcome guest in our garden and many others!

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Contains one Chamaerops humilis, one Fatsia Japonica and three 'Sweet tea' Heucherella. Pots, drainage, compost and a free copy of our helpful 'Plants for beginners' guide are also included.


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