Contemporary plants for a shadier spot

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Freddie, Founder of Patch

This attractive group of plants is perfect for the shady area of your balcony and will help to bring year-round greenery complimented by the elegant fragrance of the Pittosporum Tobira to the garden.

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'Brad' Pittosporum Tobira is an attractive, fragrant and practical addition to the garden, who comes into his own on windy site as his elastic-like stems can withstand a real battering. Originating in the Far East, Brad has an evergreen body of leathery leaves that provide the backdrop to a canopy of jasmine-like flowers during Summer. He can grow up to 20cm per year, or half that if planted in a pot.

Native to the Far East, Jasper, Euonymus Japonicus can grow up to 40cm per year but is receptive to pruning if you want to keep him in shape. Very unfussy plant, happy in most sites and soils. Beautiful shape that waves in the wind.

Also known as Australian ivy, Rebecca produces delicate white flowers in Summer and fruit in Autumn.

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Contains one Pittosporum Tobira, one Euonymus Japonicus and 3x Australian Ivy. Pots, compost and drainage are also included.


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