A well-lit spot

Designed by
Freddie, Founder of Patch

In this spot, we've used a combination of well-formed Yucca and cacti to add presence, while the Orchid and succulents help to catch the eye with their interesting shapes and colours.

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The Yucca Elephantipes, or 'Jay' as we like to call him, is a strong plant that I love to place in spaces that are otherwise hard to decorate. With soft sword-like leaves, he's a lot safer to touch than our pair of cacti!

Easy to care for and hard to ignore, the orchid is a great plant for filling awkward spaces as its year-round flowering will be sure to catch people's attention.

The other in this cacti combo is the Pachycereus cactus, which has double the spikes but just the same amount of charm.

Succulents are great for adding a bit of interest to side-tables and windowsills. Here we've got two sizes – small and tiny.

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This collection includes 1 Yucca elephantipes, 1 small pink orchid, 3 tiny cacti, 2 small succulents and 3 tiny succulents.

Pots for all plants included.


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