A well-lit bathroom

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Freddie, Founder of Patch

In this mini-cluster of plants, I've added those that will thrive on almost the humidity of the bathroom itself – assuming that the shower is used once a day! Each of these plants is very happy to be neglected but will like a bit more attention during the warmer months. In the meantime, just a weekly splash will do.

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Featured plants

Seeing as bathrooms are very often sparsely decorated, the bold, waxy reds of an Anthurium like Fleur will make an eye-catching addition to your bathroom counter or windowsill.

Another delicate plant that will help to greenify your space is English Ivy, whose white and green marbled leaves will also help to purify the air of unwlecome pollutants. 

Bertie is a good friend to have around as she not only helps cleanse the air of pollutants but the boston fern has also earned herself the reputation of being an all-round easy-to-please plant to look after. Plus she loves a steamy bathroom environment.

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This collection includes one Anthurium, three Hedera helix ivy, three tiny succulents and two Sedum burrito. Pots for all plants included.


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