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Between them, these three plants will help to cleanse your air of up to 107 common pollutants and if that's not enough, Susie and Zey the Sansevierias are one of few plants know to convert CO2 into oxygen at night, helping you to sleep better.

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NASA recommended Susie the snake plant in its famous clean air study for her natural capacity to remove pollutants from the immediate environment. And, while most plants take away oxygen at night, this one gives it off during night hours, making it perfect for the bedroom. 

Snake plant Zey has all of the same air-purifying properties as Susie and looks fantastic alongside his sister.

Franky the Aloe Vera plant is an undeniably great guy - his fleshy green leaves, lined by toothed edges make him a great architectural plant that will thrive off of little watering. However, his medicinal uses and air purifying ability make him the perfect plant to clean your air.    

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Contains one medium Susie {Sansevieria 50-60cm}, one Zey {Sansevieria Zeylanica} and one Franky {Aloe vera}. Pots for all plants are also included. 


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