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For a brightly lit study, you are blessed with choice however time devoted to watering is often not a priority so we've put together a collection of the best low-maintenance plants that thrive off a bit of neglect and will bring warmth and colour to your study. Saying that, the tropical Bird of paradise in particular, is a plant that will thank you for keeping their soil moist.

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This 7ft Kentia Palm, that we like to call 'Big Ken', is a great plant for filling a small space, thanks to its narrow base that broadens as it rises. Its soft arching fronds hang gently from above making it an excellent plant to instantly transform your living room into a greener, more natural environment. 

Next up is another legendary indoor plant, our Jade Plant, known simply as Jade, has long been considered the lucky charm of the plant world. Coming from the succulent family means she tends to store most of the water you give her in her leaves so as a result won't mind the occasional forgotten watering.   

What is there not to like about the snake plant? Their green and yellow spiked leaves are the best purifyers around which made them the ideal candidate for an office and quite frankly, it's hard to put into words just how low-maintenance they are. 

Our small succulents are perfect for adding some interest to desks and table-tops. What's more, they're very happy to be neglected from time to time and, if they need a bit of love they'll let you know before things get serious.

Last but certainly not least is the humble tiny cactus. The word 'cactus' derives from an ancient Greek word that meant 'spiky plant whose identity is not certain' and we couldn't agree more given their individuality when it comes to their appearance.   

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This collection includes 1 Strelitzia reginae, 1 Jade plant, 1 large Sansevieria, 3 small succulents, 4 tiny succlents and 4 tiny cacti.   

Pots for all plants included. 


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