A dimly lit spot

Designed by
Freddie, Founder of Patch

In this less-lit space, you'll find a combination of pure whites and dark greens which will bring an attractive planting to an empty space.

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Featured plants

The Corn Plant is the perfect large plant for small spaces without direct sunlight. With a narrow shape, he doesn't take up too much room and with lush, soft green leaves and a green trunk, he's an attractive specimen too.

Another low-maintenance favourite, this Zamioculcas, Cassie will be perfectly happy on a shady spot and will add a different texture to this planting of soft foliage. 

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This collection includes 1 Dracaena fragrans,1 large white orchid, 1 large Zamioculcas and 1 small Zamioculcas. 

Pots for all plants included.


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