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Even if your kitchen isn't bestowed with lots of natural sunlight, that shouldn't put you off getting your own productive kitchen garden started. Of all the edibles, herbs are definitely the most easy going when it comes to sunlight. Venus is great for a shady space and to top it off Aloe vera is the perfect plant for treating common burns as well as purifying your air of pollutants. 

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Franky the Aloe Vera plant, whose fleshy green leaves, lined by toothed edges make it a great architectural plant and if you end up getting burnt in the kitchen, simply snip off one of his stems and rub it over the affected area as a natural soothing gel.    

Rosemary is a must-have in any kitchen and is very easy to look after. Rosemary will bring a lovely earthiness to any roasted vegetables, meat or fish dishes as well as flavouring oils and dressings.  

Belonging to the mint family, thyme is another incredibly useful herb that will bring flavour to your stews, potatoes and fish dishes. Its inclusion in your diet has also been proven to help calm your mind and naturally boost your immune system.

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