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Even if your kitchen isn't bestowed with lots of natural sunlight, that shouldn't put you off bringing some green friends into the room. Venus is great for a shady space and to top it off Aloe vera is the perfect plant for treating common burns as well as purifying your air of pollutants. 

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Franky the Aloe Vera plant, whose fleshy green leaves, lined by toothed edges make it a great architectural plant and if you end up getting burnt in the kitchen, simply snip off one of his stems and rub it over the affected area as a natural soothing gel.    

Rapunzel, our golden pothos, is perhaps one of the most versatile plants when it comes to our indoor low-maintenance plants. Her marbled green and yellow heart-shaped locks hang elegantly, able to adapt and enhance to almost any environment.

Gus is commonly known as an Asparagus Fern, but he's technically a member of the lily family. The 'asparagus' part of his name derives from new growth resembling tiny asparagus spears! His fine feathery leaves make a beautiful houseplant perfect for a shelf or countertop, but be careful of the little thorns hidden in his foliage

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This collection includes 1 Aloe vera, 1 parsley, 1 rosemary and 1 thyme. 

Pots are included with all plants.


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