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Here we've selected a mixture of the tastiest, hardiest herbs to get your herb garden started, complemented by two classic orchids Lara & Alice, whose elegant flowers will be in bloom for 365 days of the year. If flowers aren't your thing choose from our beginner-friendly succulents and the truly unique Pablo.

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Aside from its wonderful aroma, lemon thyme is a versatile little herb which works particularly well flavouring fish and poultry and dishes that contain fresh lemon. Its slightly sweet flavour means it also works well in desserts from lemon thyme ice cream to baking.  

Rosemary is a must-have in any kitchen and is very easy to look after. Rosemary will bring a lovely earthiness to any roasted vegetables, meat or fish dishes as well as flavouring oils and dressings.  

Perhaps the hardiest of all, mint can be grown inside or out, and is a very rewarding plant to grow as it works wonders, from freshening up any dish, aiding digestion as a fresh tea or celebrating summer with a mint mojito, 

If you're on a mission for the perfect indoor plants, look no further! Our mixed succulents come in a broad variety of colours, shapes and textures and are perfect for the novice and forgetful gardener as they are mostly self-sufficient.

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This collection includes 1 lemon thyme. 1 rosemary, 1 mint and 1 large white orchid. 

Pots for all plants included.


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