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Here we've selected a mixture of the tastiest, hardiest herbs to get your herb garden started, complemented by two classic orchids Lara & Alice, whose elegant flowers will be in bloom for 365 days of the year. If flowers aren't your thing choose from our beginner-friendly succulents.

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Bertie is a good friend to have around as she not only helps cleanse the air of pollutants but the boston fern has also earned herself the reputation of being an all-round easy-to-please plant to look after. Native to the South American tropics, Bertie's arching green fronds will help transform any corner of your room into a peaceful sea of green - and ideally, the steamier the better as she loves a humid atmosphere.

Native to the Americas, from Patagonia in the south to Canada in the north, cacti are typically found in sites that are subject to drought. The word 'cactus' derives from an ancient Greek word that meant 'spiky plant whose identity is not certain', which is quite fitting for this mixed selection we offer here.

Lara is very well known throughout the indoor plant kingdom, although her popularity has only emerged over the past 10 years. In the wild, Lara likes to grow on rocks and trees, using them as a support and feeding off plant debris accumulated from around the roots. She has a tall, slender stem and can flower all year round.

If you're on a mission for the perfect indoor plants, look no further! Our mixed succulents come in a broad variety of colours, shapes and textures and are perfect for the novice and forgetful gardener as they are mostly self-sufficient.

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This collection includes 1 lemon thyme. 1 rosemary, 1 mint and 1 large white orchid. 

Pots for all plants included.


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