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When it comes to adding greenery, a living room is a wonderful canvas to play with and often the best place to start is with a taller statement plant - here are our favourites.   

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Big Ken the Kentia Palm is a tough lad who won't be phased by difficult growing conditions. He works wonders to fill a space in any room, but we like him best in a living room, where he has the ability to totally transform the space thanks to his arching fronds that can cast shapely shadows across plain walls.

Native to the Americas, from Patagonia in the south to Canada in the north, cacti like Ian the Euphorbia Abyssinica are typically found in sites that are subject to drought. Ian's branches resemble a candelabra, hence his common name 'Candelabra tree'.

Rick the Corn plant is an impressive specimen who will, in return for just a little attention from time to time, happily show off to you his shiny, elegant leaves. If you're extremely lucky, he will even grow small, white flowers as well – and all for minimal effort!

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Contains one 5 Ft Big Ken {Howea forsteriana}, one tall Pippa {Peace lily}, one tall Fidel {Ficus lyrata}, one Ian {Euphorbia Ingens} and one Rick {Dracaena fragrans}. Pots for all plants are also included.


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