Child and pet safe outdoor plants

While we wouldn’t normally recommend chowing down on your plant, these guys won’t hurt your lil’ ones if they have a sneaky nibble. They’re all totally non-toxic, so you can keep them in reach of tiny hands (or paws) without any worry.

All of the plants in this collection are offered with free delivery, and we also have pots to plant them in. If you already have a Patch plant and want to know if it’s pet- or child-safe, have a look at its product page.

Child and pet safe plants

Beryl the golden shield fern’s so-pretty-you-want-to-touch-them, leafy green fronds make a welcome addition to any space. Not only does she look good, she’s also totally safe to keep around your little ones.

These little guys may be small, but they’re big on looks. Hailing from their namesake mountains, Alpine succulents, or Sempervivums, are ideal for small urban spaces, since they’ll root down almost anywhere. They’re also totally non-toxic and super easy to care for — ideal for novice plant parents.

Tougher than an old boot, Fats the Fatsia japonica can withstand practically anything. Seriously, put him anywhere — shady spot, sunny spot, something in between — and watch him thrive. He’s also totally safe for the lil’uns in your home, so no need to stress.  

In Ancient Greece, wreaths made from Laura's bay leaves indicated high status. Her symbolism carried over to the Romans, who associated her with immortality, victory, and health. We love her aromatic leaves that - surprise! - are completely edible. She's the perfect plant to keep around pets and young ones; as well as add a little flavour to stews and curries.

Grass' wild-child cousin, Esther - the Festuca - is an evergreen - or, rather, everblue - plant that keeps her amazing azure colour throughout the year. Her colour and soft-porcupine style foliage are sure to keep young ones entranced; but don't worry - she's 100% non-toxic.

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Contains three Golden Shield Ferns, one Large Bay Pyramid, four Alpine Succulents, one Large Fatsia Japonica and three small Festucas. Please note: pots are sold separately.

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