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Freddie, Founder of Patch

Here's a collection of plants that will help greenify the sun-lit book shelves, cupboards and cabinets of your office without demanding much of your time in maintenance!  

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Rapunzel the Golden Pothos is perhaps one of the most versatile plants when it comes to our indoor low-maintenance plants. Her marbled green and yellow heart-shaped locks hang elegantly, able to adapt and enhance to almost any environment, whether she's trailing off a bookshelf, or acting as a privacy screen in a window. As well as greening up your nook and cranny, Rapunzel will also get to work cleansing your air of unwelcome pollutants.

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Contains two Golden pothos. one small cactus and one small Chamaedoea, Pots for all plants are included. 


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Build up your office collection with one plant at a time.

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