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About Growbar

These cleverly curated seed collections are nestled in neat, fertile coir bars. They are a super simple way of growing your own fruits & flowers, and just need some water to get going. This makes them perfect for a present or a little home project.

Each bar has a different combination of seeds, from edible flowers to a collection of unusual tiny tomatoes. Plus if you miss the planting dates this year, they will be perfectly happy wrapped up until next year - just make sure to keep them in a cool and dry spot.

The Bee Bar: Hyssop, Verbena Bonariensis & Lavender. (Plant: February-June)

The Wild Strawberry Bar: Mingonette & Alexandria Strawberries. (Plant: March-June)

The Tiny Tomato Bar: Gardeners Delight, Sweetie & Yellow Pear Tom Tomatoes. (Plant: February - June)

The Edible Flower Bar: Borage, Pot Marigold & Viola Crown Blend. (Plant: February - June)

The Gin Bar: Lemon Basil, Cucumber & Wild Bergamot. (Plant: March-June).

How it works:

Step one: Unwrap your Growbar and place it into a container with plenty of space to allow it to expand (an old tupperware container works well!)

Step two: Gently pour half a litre of water and position the Growbar indoors on a warm, bright windowsill.

Step three: Watch them grow! Make sure to water regularly as the seedlings sprout and grow, they should be happy for another month.

Step four: Pot on. When seedlings have grown four leaves, they are ready to be potted on or planted out.